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To advance and enhance the Kingdom of God by networking together to empower the life, leadership, and organizational effectiveness of leaders, ministries, and organizations in every nation of the world.



Called to All Nations Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 6682

Aiken, SC 29804

Phone 803-649-1444





CTAN Apostolic 



Rev. Ray Popham


Ray Popham is the Founder and Apostolic Overseer of Called to All Nations Ministries.  He is also the President of LifeVine International , Senior Pastor & Overseer of Oasis Church International, Founder and President of the World Ministry Training Institute, and founder of Incredible Futures International, a community development non profit organization.  Brother Ray is an international speaker, teacher, author, and broadcaster whose life mission is “becoming and helping others in becoming a better person, a brighter Christian, and living a blessed life.”  Rev. Ray Popham travels the United States and world in an apostolic capacity, establishing, encouraging, and equipping individuals, pastors and leaders, speaking to groups of ten to ten thousand.  He has been given a divine mandate, vision, and plan to take the message of faith, hope, and love into every nation on the earth. 


Ray was called to the ministry at the age of 17 with a prophetic call on his life to "take the Gospel to a people of many different cultures, to a people of many different nations.” He was set forth as a minister of the Gospel in 1985 at the age of 22 years old.  Educated as an Army nurse and educator, he served ten years in the United States Army as a leader, nurse and educator.  Giving up future planned training as a military physician, he accepted the call to full-time ministry, leaving the military in 1991. He has earned a Nursing Diploma,  Bachelors in Biblical Studies,  Master of Arts in Leadership & Organization, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). He is currently completing a PHD in leadership from Trinity Seminary.


Ray and Teresa Popham have established and helped others to establish successful lives, homes, churches and ministries throughout the U.S. and in other foreign nations.  Together they train others in the ministry and serve as a friend, servant, mentor, and spiritual father to believers and leaders in various parts of the world.  He has authored 12 books and training manuals, produced over 25 training courses as well as over 100 audio series and videos.  His weekly radio broadcast, “New Day”, is heard in over 80 nations of the world on Voice of Hope Radio, Pan American Broadcasting, Radio Africa, World Harvest Radio (KWHR), and the Sky Angel Network.  He is a frequent guest and host on Christian television.  He has traveled to 21 different nations as well as ministered to people from many cultural backgrounds around the world. Ray and Teresa make their home in Aiken, South Carolina and have two children, Bethany Nicole and Scott. Nicole is married to Joel Leopard. The Pophams have one granddaughter, Ella Raely.


Ray Popham


Ray & Teresa Popham